Platoon Partners

Platoon Partnership


The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Last Frontier Chapter will find organizations to partner with over 200 platoon-sized deploying Fort Richardson units.

Platoon Partners Alaska is the means by which hundreds of lines of communication are being established between Fort Richardson Soldiers, units and our community; thereby letting our Soldiers know Alaskans care and appreciate their service to our country.

This year many Active, Reserve, and National Guard Soldiers will deploy in support of the Global War On Terror and other missions abroad. It is estimated that thousands of Soldiers will place their lives in harm’s way over the next year to protect the very freedoms that we as Americans enjoy today.

Primary responsibility of a sponsor is to provide a link to home for a deployed Soldier. This includes letters, emails, birthday and holiday cards, and small care packages when possible. The purpose is to let them know America and Alaskans care and appreciate what they are doing.

Platoons can have anywhere from 10—45 Soldiers, If there is a particular platoon or type of platoon (i.e. engineer, medical, transportation, infantry, etc.) that you want to sponsor we will strive to meet your needs.

If your family, work group, school class, bridge club, scout troop, softball team, Sunday school class or other organization you belong to would like to sponsor a platoon, the involvement is most welcome and genuinely appreciated.


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